VMP 5000 / VMP HPX 05+ Slot Style MAF Sensor

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VMP 5000 / VMP HPX 05+ Slot Style MAF Sensor


California Residents Warning!
California Residents:Proposition 65 Warning
  • Supports 600+ RWHP in a 3” tube
  • Recommended for high horsepower blow-through applications: turbo, Hellion, Procharger, Vortech, Centrifugal, Paxton 
  • Easy to install, direct bolt-on application for 2005+ Ford slot style MAF 
  • Improved airflow over stock resulting in better driveability, throttle response, and increased horsepower 
Is your stock Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor a limiting factor of your high-horsepower build? Designed to read the volume of air flow into your engine, most factory MAF sensors are limited at how much air they can read and they’ll ‘peg’ with increased air flow – keeping you from hitting those horsepower goals. Custom calibrated and designed with high horsepower blow-through applications in mind, VMP’s HPX MAF sensor is made to keep your engine from ‘pegging’ by reading larger air volume. 

While some MAF sensors ‘peg’ at 400-500 rwhp in a 3” tube, the VMP HPX MAF sensor supports 600+ rwhp. In larger housings, this MAF sensor will support even more power. If more range is needed, an extender type device can be used. 

Estimated HP Range with the VMP HPX sensor 
  • 3” tube – 300-750 RWHP 
  • 3.5” tube – 750-900 RWHP 
  • 4” tube – 1000+ RWHP 
  • 4.5” tube – 1000+ RWHP 
A direct bolt-on application for the original stock sensor, the VMP HPX MAF is easy to install, and requires no additional modifications. The VMP HPX MAF sensor can be used on any vehicle or computer system that requires a 0-5v input. Built into the MAF sensor is a resistance-based temperature sensor that can optionally be used or left disconnected. 

We recommend the VMP HPX MAF sensor under any of these situations: the stock MAF sensor is pegging with certain cold air intake kits and MAF housings, cars that are pegging the stock sensor in suck-through (Vortech kits above 10 psi), and cars that are pegging the stock sensor in blow-through even with an extender type device (i.e. MAFIA), such as Procharger kits. 

The VMP HPX MAF sensor is easy to tune. We can supply a MAF transfer function (or use the BA5000 value files), just let us know what vehicle you’re using it on or what units you need it in. 

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