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VMP SCT Guides and Data Logging Instructions:
SCT Instructions

5.0L Installation Instructions:
VMP TVS 2015-2017 5.0L Mustang Installation Instructions (Video)
VMP TVS 2015-2017 5.0L F-150 Installation Instructions (Video)
VMP TVS 2011-2014 5.0L Mustang Installation Instructions
Heat Exchanger Supplement instructions
Fuel Pump Booster Instructions
Roush Installation Instructions
Roush 15-17 Mustang GT Phase 1 Installation Instructions
2018 Roush F-150 Phase 1 Installation Instructions
15 iAT KIT Instructions
VMP 8-rib & 10-rib Kit Install 11-17 Coyote

VMP 5.0L Fuel Rail Kit Instructions
Fuel rail kit instructions for 5.0L

GT500 Heat Exchanger and Supercharger Guides:
New VMP Performance Heat Exchanger Installation Video 2017
07-09 GT500 VMP Heat Exchanger Install Guide
10-12 GT500 Heat Exchanger Install
13-14 GT500 Heat Exchanger Install

Spark Plugs 101 GT500
Spark Plugs 101 Write Up

VMP Pulley Tool Instructions GT500
Ultimate Pulley Tool Instructions

GT500 GEN3 TVS Supercharger Installation
VMP Gen3 TVS intake manifold modification

GT500 GEN II-R TVS Supercharger Installation
GT500 GEN II-R Installation

FFtecs EcoBoost Turbo Installation
15+ EcoBoost big turbo Install Guide

PST Driveshaft Info
Measurements, Critical Speed Chart, & More

M Low Vacuum Bypass Installation Instructions
Installation Instructions

N2MB WOT Box Instructions
Ford Mustang, Cobra ('96-'04)
Ford Mustang 5th Generation
Ford Mustang, 2010 Generation 5 Update
Ford Mustang, 2011

03-04 Cobra Terminator Guides:
Cobra TVS Parts list & Install Notes.pdf

nGauge Instructions
nGauge Tune Instructions

F150 Roush Supercharger & Heat Exchanger Installation:
F150 Roush Supercharger Installation
Raptor Heat Exchanger Installation Instruction

05-10 Mustang GT 4.6L 3V 1.9L TVS Upgrade:
VMP 05-10 4 6L 3V TVS upgrade instructions & parts list

VMP Fuel Pump Boosters Instructions:
VMP AMP Directions - PNP or Wire in
Additional Wire In Diagram
15+ Supplement Instructions

Watson Racing 4 and 6 point roll bar installation instructions:
4 and 6 point roll bar installation instructions

VMP 5000 Transfer Tool
VMP 5000 Transfer Tool: Download

PMAS Transfer Functions
PMAS 1800 Transfer
PMAS 2600 Transfer
PMAS 3000 Transfer

UPR Guides:
UPR Instruction List