VMP 3500 05+ Slot Style MAF Sensor

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VMP 3500 05+ Slot Style MAF Sensor


California Residents Warning!
California Residents:Proposition 65 Warning
The VMP 3500 sensor is designed for larger housings (100mm and over) that need more range. It is a better solution than the HPX/5000 sensors which provide too much range in bigger housings.

This is a direct bolt in for 05+ Fords, older cars will require a flange and pigtail (sold seperately on this website). Pigtails and adapter harnesses can be found here. Flanges for mounting this sensor directly into a tube can be found here. Entire housings for this MAF sensor can be found here.

Tube Size Est. HP range with VMP 3500 sensor
4"/100MM 650-750RWHP
113MM 800RWHP
123MM 1000+RWHP
127MM 1000+RWHP

This sensor can be used on any vehicle or computer system that requires a 0-5v input, there is also a resistance based temperature sensor built into the MAF that can optionally be used or left disconnected. Click here for a wiring diagram for the 05+ slot style Ford MAF.

Transfer function table:Click Here
The MAF Transfer function for the VMP 3500 MAF in a 100MM ID housing with a .59 scaling factor is shown above. If you are tuning a newer car without the 63.9lb/min limit you can multiply it by 1.69 to get the non-scaled values. You can scale the values by the change in tube size to come up with values for other housings.

Built in IAT sensor transfer function (only needed when using a non-Ford ECU)

Counts (Volts x 205)

1020 -40
928 -40
896 -10
836 20
736 46
292 134
148 180
80 222
52 254
0 254

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