OE-Look GT500 Intercooler Reservoir 3x Capacity Tank

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OE-Look GT500 Intercooler Reservoir 3x Capacity Tank


OE-Look Intercooler tank for 07-12 Mustang Shelby GT500. Does NOT fit 2013-14

  • 3x capacity of the stock intercooler tank
  • Re-use your factory cap (great if you have purchased covers)
  • Requires slight trimming of upper intercooler pump hose due to larger size
  • Larger capacity tank increases the time it takes to heat soak
  • Allows for lower temps between 1/4 miles runs
  • Utilizes stock mounting point


The tank inlet is at a different angle than the stock tank. When installing the larger capacity tank with an afco heat exchanger use 6 3/4"" of the included 3/4"" rubber hose to make the connection from the engine block to the side of the tank. Then use the rest of the hose to go from the outlet on the bottom of the tank to the inlet of the intercooler pump (in grill). Only one tank mounting point is needed. The factory hose going from the bottom fo the tank to the pump may also be used by rotating it 90* to prevent kinking.

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