VMP Super Monoblade 163R Throttle Body 15-17' 5.0 L

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VMP Super Monoblade 163R Throttle Body 15-17' 5.0 L


VMP Super Monoblade 163R Throttle Body 15-17' 5.0 L

VMP’s new line of monoblade throttle bodies are designed to make big power while avoiding tuning issues.  Modern supercharged engines are capable of making over 1000rwhp, most customers targeting these power levels go for the biggest throttle body available on the market.  They are very disappointed when they find their setup is un-tuneable and un-driveable with these huge throttle bodies.

With the VMP 163R we intended to make a ton of power, but not compromise tunability.  The key is to not make the throttle blade so large that engine vacuum forces overcome the torque of the factory electric throttle actuation motor.  When this happens you will often get a “failsafe” condition indicated by a wrench light on the dash. Proper tuning can often fix this, but it may still happen with throttle bodies that are too large.  To prevent this, VMP has developed a properly designed and size throttle body, along with the proper tuning parameters. Additionally, the factory 15-17 electronics have a more advantageous gear ratio than older GT500 style electronics.  If you use this throttle body on a Roush or VMP supercharged car you will need a 36” extension harness to replace the throttle body Y harness used with GT500 style throttle bodies.

  • Uses native 15-17 electronics for ease of tuning

  • Comes assembled and tested with the factory digital electronics

  • Elliptical Monoblade design provides for a combination of high flow and tune-ability

  • Recommended for power adder applications in the 1000+rwhp range

Size and fitment:

  • Based on the GT500 bolt-pattern

  • Opening shape is based on the VMP Gen3R supercharger

  • Elliptical blade measures 82mm tall x 153mm wide

  • Elliptical shape is easier to tune than most throttle bodies this large

  • The “163“ designation signifies the surface area of the opening.  Measuring and naming throttle bodies by blade width does not accurately take into account size or flow potential, especially when the blade shape is not a true oval.  VMP has chosen to designate their line of monoblade throttle bodies by surface area in inches with one decimal place.

In early 2019 VMP introduced a throttle body design with native 15-17 style electronics.  To meet the demands of racers, we are extending 15+ line of throttle bodies to include two monoblade offerings.  The VMP 163R is designed to be large enough to make power, but not so large that the fly by wire electronics can not control the blade.  Monoblades often get a bad name, this happens when the throttle is too large for the application. The VMP 163R is very large and should only be used on high power applications where the extra size and flow is needed.  May require special tuning such as min throttle angle (.80*) and current limit increases. Recommended for heavily modified engines such as those with aftermarket camshafts. The increased lift and duration of aftermarket cams will reduce engine vacuum, making large throttle bodies much smoother and easier to tune.  May idle high (~900rpm) on stock camshaft engines.

In 2015 Ford switched over to a different style of throttle body electronics. VMP’s line of throttle bodies are built with the same electronics found on 15-17 Ford Mustangs and F150s (designated by an F on the motor cover).  Our throttle bodies include electronics, are tested, and set; all you have to do is bolt them onto the vehicle and load the proper tune. When a customer is left to install their own electronics on a throttle body the calibration process can be lengthy and difficult.    

Tuning recommendations:

  • Load proper effective area and open loop FFTA tables for your application

  • Increase min throttle angle limit to 0.80 degrees

  • Increase current limit to 4 amps

  • Raise idle speed to 800-950rpm so throttle is not completely closed at idle

  • Load factory 15-17 gear ratio and TPC parameters

  • VMP offers custom tunes for all of our products

Other signs of improper tuning or a throttle body that is too large:

  • P2112 throttle actuator control system stuck closed

    • Occurs because the computer is having trouble opening or closing a large blade

  • “Wrench light” or “failsafe mode” computer detects a tuning or mechanical issue with the drive by wire system

  • Also, P2104, P2111, P2110, P060B

Includes: VMP 163R Super Monoblade Throttle body for 15-17 5.0 L (VMP-SM163-F)

Recommended: 36in PNP harness extension (VMP-INM030)

Weight: 5.75 lbs

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