2013 Intercooler Pump Installation kit for 07-12

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2013 Intercooler Pump Installation kit for 07-12


The 2013-2014 Shelby GT500 uses a higher flowing intercooler pump than previous years, it is an upgrade for 07-12 GT500s, 11-14 5.0L, and other vehicles that use a Bosch pump. The bosch pump flows approx 4.5GPM with an aftermarket HE, the 13 pump is good for 6-7GPM. These ratings are based on flow measured through the system (restricted, not free flowing). On the road course we saw lower peak temps after running WOT on the straights with our VMP TVS Supercharged 2012 Boss 302.

Our kit includes:

  • 3ft Extension/Adapter harness (PN VMP-EV1TOEV6)
  • OE Pump Connector (PN DR3Z-14A411-C)
  • Adel/Cushion clamp for mounting 2013 pump (PN 3225T83)

We recommend mounting it on the drivers side frame rail:

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