VMP Ultimate Pulley Removal & Installation Tool for 03-04 Cobra (U-Plate)

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VMP Ultimate Pulley Removal & Installation Tool for 03-04 Cobra (U-Plate)


VMP Ultimate pulley puller and installer tool in a hardsided foam-lined case. Includes U-shaped plate for removing stock 03/04 Cobra pulleys. Our tool includes fine thread bolts, bearings, and a supplied grease pack which makes using our tool a breeze. Less expensive tools that use course thread bolts and no bearing can make a pulley removal and installation 10 times harder, our tool avoids these headaches due to it's proper design.

It also works with Shelbys, Lightnings, Roushcharged F150s, Roushcharged Mustangs (09+ M90 with press fit pulley or P51 TVS).

Includes tool/bolt with bearing to to press on your aftermarket pulley. The bearing is crucial to an easy installation.

Will remove and install factory press-fit pulley while supercharger is still installed on the car.

Optional Accessory:
Add VMP Clam-Shell for removing 3" or smaller pullies (stock or aftermarket) without damage, the U-shaped plate is required for removing the large 3.55" stock Cobra pulley, but the clamshell can be used on all others. The clamshell prevents damage by grabbing the pulley by the ribs and applying equal pulling force all the way around.

Instructions are included in the case behind the foam, or may be downloaded here.

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