VMP Predator EO Drag Pack with Upper Pulley & Hub + 100 HP

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VMP Predator EO Drag Pack with Upper Pulley & Hub + 100 HP

SKU: VMP-DRAG52L-EO-81-2.75

VMP Predator EO Drag Pack with Upper Pulley & Hub + 100 HP

VMP is proud to present the first '20+ GT500 Performance Package with a California Air Resource Board (CARB) Executive Order to market; the VMP Predator EO Drag Pack! After extensive testing in-house and testing by SEMA Garage, we have achieved the requirements necessary to receive an Executive Order for this kit. This package consists of our most popular 2020+ GT500 products to increase the performance of your already incredible vehicle. The contents of this kit are listed below.

Package includes:

  • VMP 2.8” Supercharger Pulley and Hub Kit
  • VMP 105 mm Throttle Body and VMP Adapter Kit
  • VMP 81 mm Street Intercooler Core Upgrade VMP-SUC035
  • Replacement high-flow air filter for the factory air box
  • CARB EO sticker
  • RTD Interface loaded w/ (4) credits
    • Additional (4) credits will need to be purchased in order to receive transmission tuning.
  • (1) VMP Tune for 91-93 Octane
    • Please refer to the "VMP Supercharger Kit Tuning Support" section below for more information

The included pulley and hub kit will increase your boost by 2 psi. Our VMP 105 mm Throttle Body and adapter will help remove restriction on the inlet side of your supercharging system while providing the crisp throttle response you’ve grown accustomed to in the venerable GT500. To handle the increased boost and accompanying heat, our 81 mm Street Intercooler Race Core Upgrade will work to manage IATs to maximize the increased airflow of this package. Last, but definitely not least, is the custom VMP Tuning to dial in and maximize this package of modifications.

This package is an emissions-compliant way to increase the power of your Predator powered GT500. We’re incredibly excited to offer this package as a 50-state legal option for enthusiasts!

We took this 50 state legal upgrade kit to the rollers to see what it would do. On 93 octane, we made 763.5 RWHP and 643.5 RWTQ. This torque number was made at only 4400 rpms! That is tire frying power at the moment you need it.

Interested in picking up this kit for your GT500? Email us at sales@vmpperformance.com, give us a call at the shop at (321) 206-9369, or contact your VMP Performance dealer of choice!

CARB E.O. D-846


Requesting a VMP email tune is as easy as obtaining a supported tuning device for your vehicle, purchasing the tuning product or package, and letting us know of your vehicle modifications!
Below are the exact steps on to how to receive your custom calibration:

  1. Purchase this package package, which includes your RTD Interace and credits
  2. Fill out the VMP Tune Order form with your vehicle’s information and a list of your current modifications/requests
    Click HERE to fill out the VMP Tune Order Form
    * Tune delivery is typically 3-5 business days from the time we receive the form entry *

That’s it! Once the form is submitted, an email chain will be created with the email address provided in the form. A VMP calibrator will be in contact to help you every step of the way!

For more information, visit the VMP Tuning Information & Policies.


VMP is happy to work with customers to address any concerns they may have. Limited datalogging support is available for up to 6 months after you've received your initial tune file(s).
This service allows the calibrator to provide insight into your vehicle's performance and diagnose any potential issues caused by mechanical failures or installation errors.

Click HERE to view VMP’s general datalogging instructions for the HP Tuner's RTD Interface

For more information, visit the VMP Tuning Information & Policies.


Custom tune updates for new modifications/fuels are available to current* VMP tuning customers.
*Current means same vehicle, same owner, and still within the tuning support time frame window*

We highly recommend reaching out to your calibrator to verify your new modification is supported by VMP Tuning, and to also find out the cost associated with updating your tune file for the new modification/fuel.
Once you've confirmed support/pricing for your new mods, click HERE to purchase the custom tune update.

For more information, visit the VMP Tuning Information & Policies.

Important parts and tuning notice:

By ordering this tune, you agree to assume all responsibility for assuring that is to be used for off-road and/or competition use only and is not to be used on a vehicle that is registered for use on public roads nor highways.

Because the U.S., Canadian and other international, state, or provincial laws and regulations may prohibit removal or modification of components that were installed on vehicles by Ford Motor Company to meet emission requirements or to comply with motor vehicle safety regulations applicable to vehicles manufactured for use on public roads, VMP wants you to know the following:

Most of the parts and services offered in this online catalog are for off-road use or competition use only. Use on State and Federal highways may be a violation of the EPA Clean Air act. The Clean Air Act can be found at https://www.epa.gov/clean-air-act-overview. This document contains in detail what are considered to be violations of the CAA and corresponding penalties for failure to comply and should be read in full before purchasing or installing this off-road or race use only product. Ensuring that all emissions, noise/sound, and speed/use related laws are followed is the responsibility of the Buyer(s). Installation and use of this product indicates that his disclaimer has been read, acknowledged, and understood fully by both the Buyer(s) and Installer(s). The Buyer(s) assume all associated risk of the purchase.

Emissions Notice:

Federal and several state and provincial laws prohibit the removal, modification or rendering inoperative of any part that affects emissions or safety on motor vehicles used on public streets or highways. VMP assumes no liability for any violations arising out of any federal, state or provincial emissions or safety requirements on motor vehicles arising out of the customer’s modifications and/or use of our products or services. It is the responsibility of the customer to determine if their modified vehicle complies with applicable laws.

California Residents:

The emissions laws and regulations of the state of California apply to all non-racing vehicles. Consequently, some parts in this catalog may legally be used in California only on a racing vehicle which will never be operated on public roads.

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