11-14 Coyote Swap IAT Harness

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11-14 Coyote Swap IAT Harness


California Residents Warning!
California Residents:Proposition 65 Warning
Inlet air temperature harness for use with PD blower (VMP, Whipple, and Kenne Bell) set-ups, that are not running a factory 11-14 Mustang or 11-14 F-150 ECU.
The Ford Performance Coyote 11-14 coyote control pack (M-6017-A504VB) does not allow you to add an IAT2 pin like regular Coyote ECUs, this harness is the solution!This harness is designed to plug in series of the MAF sensor harness, to bypass the IAT sensor in the MAF, by doing this you can allow the ECU to accurately measure the temperature of the air that is going into the cylinders.
The connector for the IAT side is made for this sensor: https://www.vmpperformance.com/IAT-ACT-Sensor-Threaded-Style-Lightning

This sensor should be threaded into the intake manifold after the intercooler in an area where it will be exposed to a decent amount of airflow before the air goes into the cylinder.

The MCT switch must be disabled in the calibration for this to work properly.

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