SCT Pro-Racer Software Only V3.0

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SCT Pro-Racer Software Only V3.0


Tune your car at home with the same tools that SCT Dealers use.

This is for software only, you must already have a SCT Tuner. We also recommend purchasing a wideband air/fuel ratio meter.

This item includes SCT Advantage Version 3.0 Tuning software for one vehicle/PCM code. Includes value files to create a base tune. If you have purchased a custom SCT handheld tuner from VMP we will supply a base tune for you (certain restrictions apply).

With the purchase of this software you will recieve access to the VMP Pro-Racer Package support forum and the SCT Pro-Racer support forum. To receive access to these forums you must register on the forum and email the administrator with your user name and real name for access.

*additional databases may be purchased for additonal vehicles that you own, this will also require an additional flasher.
*requires Windows XP or newer

Version 3.0 software includes a USB key (dongle) that must be plugged into the USB port on the computer when accessing the racer software. Software CD and USB key will be mailed to you.

SCT Pro-Racer software Version 3.0 Features:
-The ability to program an X-Cal2 with on device adjustments
-USB dongle/key allows you to use the software on any PC
-Online updates allow for immediate access to new software features and database parameters
-Advanced 2D and 3D graphing functionality
-Advanced undo functionality
-Advanced compare file function
Several more small features make tuning easier, such as the ability to reload selected cells in a table or function.

When you receive the PRP you will still have to activate it. To speed up this process you may download the SCT Software License Agreement here.

Then print the last page, fill it out, and fax it to 407.260.6275 or email it to

A example signature page can be found here.

Once SCT has received your signed license agreement they should activate your dongle. When you receive your package, install your softare, and update the software, the update will activate it. If you are still not able to open the software contact SCT and make sure they activated your dongle.

SCT Advantage startup guide

Link to download SCT Advantage (requires dongle)

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