E85 Starter Pack

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E85 Starter Pack

SKU: VMP-E85StarterPack

E85 Starter Pack

This kit includes:

  • Fuel Swapping Kit

  • 5 Gallon Fuel Jug w/ Pour Spout

  • Ethanol Content Tester

Calibrating the right air/fuel mixture is important to gain proper power and efficiency from your engine. But for vehicles running E85 fuel, proper tuning is difficult if you don't know the exact percentage of ethanol-to-gasoline in the fuel.

With the added benefits of 105 octane, cooler engine temperatures and improved emissions, the E85 tester will make a winning combination for your vehicle.

Once you have determined that the ethanol content is right for your tune, you can fill up your car and supplied 5 gallon jug with pour spout and graduated markings to store for future use. 

When it is time to switch from one fuel to another, it is important to get every bit of the existing fuel out of the tank, lines and fuel rails. You can do this with ease with the VMP Fuel Swapping Kit.

VMP has created an easy solution for you with the VMP Fuel Swapping kit! Drain the fuel in minutes without any mess or fuss - easily and safely. A perfect solution if you want to run race gas or E85 and switch fuels at the track.

**This kit includes a white, 5 gallon fuel jug. We also have red and blue options as well. Please call us at 321.206.9369 to choose a different color BEFORE your order ships.**

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