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SCT Custom Tune for 04+ 5.4L 3V with Magnacharger Supercharger (flasher optional)
SCT Custom Tune for 04+ 5.4L 3V with Magnacharger

Suggested Retail Price: $399.00

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Year of Car*:

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Current Mods/Tune Requests*:

Gear ratio*:

Rear Tire Size XXX/XX/XX:

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Inlcudes tune file and support only, SCT handheld flash tuner is additional (see prices above).

We offer custom tuning for the Magnacharged 04+ F150 5.4L 3V. You may purchase our custom tunes here. The base price includes tune file only for those that already have an SCT handheld flasher. You may also order an SCT Tuner by selecting the drop down option above. We can tune for mods like Longtube headers and extreme rear end gear ratios (4.10+).

To see some examples of trucks we have tuned to go our Dyno Results Archive

**Please note, typical turn around time for tuning is 5-10 business days unless expedited. **


  • The base price includes the tune file and support, if you need an SCT X3, or Livewire flasher select one of the above options. The above links are for information only, the flash hardware should be ordered through the current page.
  • Please enter vehicle year, trans type, computer code or strategy, and mods.
  • When ordering, specify your gear ratio and tire size if other than stock.
  • Many areas now have 10% ethanol mixed into the fuel, often called "E10". Ethanol has a much lower energy content than gasoline, and effectively leans out the air fuel ratio, as much as .3-.5 A/F when there is a full 10% present. If your area does not use E10 at all select "No", if you think it may use E10 or the pumps say "up to 10% ethanol" select "Maybe", if you are sure all the fuel is a full 10% ethanol select "Yes".
  • You must provide the serial number from the back of your flasher when ordering. If there is no sticker on it you can go into the Device Info menu on the tuner and find it.
  • If you are using a different CAI kit than stock or what came with the SC please let us know.


  • All specialty custom tunes include 6 months of support from date of purchase.
  • If you provide us with datalogs and/or dynographs we will review them and if necessary send an adjusted tune at no charge.
  • If you make basic modifications to the vehicle that can not be accounted for with on device adjustments we will send you an updated tune at no charge.

SCT flasher on-device adjustments:

  • Your specialty custom tune file will include SCT on-device adjustments (click for available parameter list)
  • Our tunes are designed to be very repeatable and safe. However, if you have the opportuning to datalog your vehicle we recomend you do so. We will review these logs at no charge. With our tune the air to fuel ratio throughout the RPM range at Wide Open Throttle should be between 11.2-11.8:1.
  • We do not recommend increasing spark advance without consulting with us first.
  • You may adjust for different gears or tires.
  • Automatics may firm up or soften the shift points at all throttle positions.
  • Automatics may increase or decrease WOT shift point RPM.
  • We safely raise the rev limiters in our tunes, we do not recommending increasing it further.
  • The speed limiter is removed, but don't exceed the speed rating of your tires or driveshaft.

After you have ordered:

  • Depending on the year and computer code we may need you to read the current file out of the PCM, we will contact you with instructions if this is necessary.


  • When we email the custom tune file to you a datalogging configuration file will also be included for SCT's Live Link datalogging software, we recommend using the latest version from the support section of SCT's website
  • This file can be loaded into Live Link by opening the software, connecting the flasher to your PC and vehicle with the key on, going to the File Menu then to Open Configuration and then by browsing your hard drive for the .CF2 file.
  • To datalog your car you'll need to warm it up, start datalogging at idle for 30 seconds, then slowly rev it to the rev-limiter over a period of 15-25 seconds, then make a WOT pull in 2nd gear starting at 1000RPM and going to 5000RPM. Try to put all of this information into one short datalog file and email it to Justin@VMPTuning.com. If the file is larger than 1 megabyte you will need to compress it.
  • If you have a wideband you may connect it to your flasher using these instructions .

Additional information:

  • Your vehicle should be in good mechanical condition and maintenance up to date.
  • Never over-oil a KN type filter. If you have recently oiled the filter the MAF sensor element should be cleaned.
  • Spark plugs gapped down to .030-.035" are a must for any vehicle with a supercharger or turbocharger. The 3V head uses a special type of spark plug, at lower boost levels the stock plugs can be regapped, at higher boost levels a colder plugs is recommended like the Autolite HT0.
  • Premium fuel must be used with any power adder.
  • The fuel filter should be replaced every 20,000-30,000 miles to ensure adequate fuel delivery.
  • Files will be emailed in .CEF format
  • It is recommended that you use an X-Cal2, X3 or Livewire for their datalogging capabilities.
  • If you have an 07+ Automatic truck with an X2 you will need the latest firmware from SCT v1.15

Click here for Instructions on How-To load an e-mail tune onto your SCT Handheld Flasher.

Important parts and tuning notice:

By ordering this tune, you agree to assume all responsibility for assuring that it is to be used for off-road and/or competition use only and is not to be used on a vehicle that is registered for use on public roads nor highways.

Because U.S., Canadian, and other international, state or provincial laws and regulations may prohibit removal or modification of components that were installed on vehicles by Ford Motor Company to meet emission requirements or to comply with motor vehicle safety regulations applicable to vehicles manufactured for use on public roads, VMP wants you to know the following:

Most of the parts and services offered in this online catalog are for off-road use or competition use only. Use on State and Federal Highways may be a violation of the EPA Clean Air Act. The Clean Air Act can be found at http://www.epa.gov/air/caa/. This document contains in detail what are considered to be violations of the CAA and corresponding penalties for failure to obey and should be read in full before purchasing or installing this off-road or race use only product. Ensuring that all emissions, noise/sound, and speed/use related laws are followed is the responsibility of the Buyer(s). Installation and use of this product indicates that this disclaimer has been read, acknowledged, and understood fully by both the Buyer(s) and Installer(s). The Buyer(s) assume all associated risk of the purchase.

Emissions Notice:

Federal and several state and provincial laws prohibit the removal, modification or rendering inoperative of any part that affects emissions or safety on motor vehicles used on public streets or highways. VMP assumes no liability for any violations arising out of any federal, state or provincial emissions or safety requirements on motor vehicles arising out of the customer's modifications and/or use of our products or services. It is the responsibility of the customer to determine if their modified vehicle complies with applicable laws.

California Residents

The emissions laws and regulations of the state of California apply to all non-racing vehicles. Consequently, some parts in this catalog may legally be used in California only on a racing vehicle which will never be operated on public roads.