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Pro-Racer Training CD
Pro-Racer Training CD

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The complete training solution for the Pro Racer software user. Includes training for both Advantage 2.9 and the new Advantage 3.0.

This CD is packed with over ten hours of video showing you exactly how to tune your vehicle using SCT Advantage software. Each chapter contains detailed information on tuning, datalogging, interpreting wide band data and much more with animations done using Advantage software. Most of the animations were actually prepared while tuning real vehicles! There are six chapters: 1)The Software Basics; 2) Tuning an EEC IV; 3)Tuning an EEC V Part 1; 4)Tuning an EEC V Part 2; 5)Auto Tranny Basics; 6)Dealing with Common Problems. Each video contains detailed information on setting up your file, tuning, troubleshooting, datalogging, interpreting the wideband's output, setting up an automatic transmission, dealing with a number of common problems. Included on each CD is the custom MS Excel spreadsheet we developed to assist in getting the precise AFR correction factor when you are adjusting the MAF transfer function. Each chapter is very detailed and long. This is the perfect compliment to the SCT Tuning Manual. Macomedia (Adobe) Flash is required. The software has been tested on Windows ME through Windows XP.

A CD Rom drive is also required with the auto run CD option enabled.