Watson Racing Bolt In Roll bar -4 point

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Watson Racing Bolt In Roll bar -4 point

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2015 Mustang 4-Point & 6-Point Roll Bar: Quite simply the finest 4-point & 6-point Mustang roll bars on the market!

Borrowing from our exceedingly popular S197 4-point roll bar, we brought the same design principals into the new S550 2015 roll bar. What makes this roll bar different?

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BOLTS-IN to the FACTORY corner gussets using EXISTING HOLES! Other 4-point bars either bolt to the weak sheet metal floor behind the front seats (dangerous!) or ask you to drill into the factory high-strength steel_ which is nearly impossible. High strength steel is MUCH harder than normal steel and will take you HOURS!

The Watson Racing roll bars bolt in using EXISTING BOLT HOLES surrounding the factory high-strength steel corner gussets for maximum safety and ease of installation.

Extra strength- not only do we bolt to the front corner gussets, but the rear diagonal bars bolt through the floor directly above a factory cross member- one of the strongest areas at the back of the car! Minimal trim panel modification. With our roll bars design, the changes required to the trim panels are VERY minimal. No cutting your time panels in half with our bar!

Minimal-bend design. Bends in tubes reduce a bars effectiveness and safety. We kept the number of bends to a minimum to maximize safety. Where bends are required, we use a CNC precision mandrel bending process to maintain strength. We sweat the details: 100% TIG-welded 1.75x.120-wall DOM tubing. 100% powder coated. Shoulder harness retention loops, standard. Welded/fixed harness bar and diagonal bar, standard. Precision-machined tube joints for high strength on rear support tubes- no through-bolting here, and notice the plug-welds! Zinc-plated heavy M10 metric fasteners included.

No swing-outs. Swing out door bars are just not safe! We use the same precision machined joints in our door bars that we use at the rear of the bar.

Full seat travel. Since the Watson Roll Bar mounts on top of the factory corner gussets (next to rear seat bottom cushion), the front seats are free to slide all the way back and maintain a comfortable driving position.

**Flat rate shipping cost of $125 (4-point) in the continental U.S. NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING.

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