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Power Adders: VMP TVS Superchargers, Roush Superchargers, & Nitrous Systems

  • VMP TVS Superchargers

    The VMP TVS for 2011+ 5.0 and Boss 302 is making its mark with cars posting as much as 830 rwhp. The 9 second quarter mile in a street car isn't just possible, it's an everyday occurence. Our VMP TVS for the '03-'04 Terminator has powered Jake Conant's wheelstanding beast into the 8's!!
  • Roush Superchargers

    Roush is well known for their performance vehicles. VMP carries Roush's latest line of TVS Superchargers ready to bolt on to your Mustang or F-150

  • Nitrous Systems

    All new from VMP! VMP is now offering Nitrous kits for all year Ford vehicles including F150, Mustang, and More. Nitrous kits available now to bolt on to your vehicle!