VMP Predator EO Drag Pack with 20% OD lower and 16 an water manifold

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VMP Predator EO Drag Pack with 20% OD lower and 16 an water manifold


VMP Predator EO Drag Pack with 20% OD Lower & 16 an Water Manifold

VMP is proud to present the first 2020+ GT500 Performance Package with a California Air Resource Board (CARB) Executive Order to market; the VMP Predator EO Drag Pack!  After extensive testing in-house and testing by SEMA Garage, we have achieved the requirements necessary to receive an Executive Order for this kit.  This package consists of our most popular 2020+ GT500 products to increase the performance of your already incredible vehicle.  The contents of this kit are listed below.


  • 20% Overdrive kit with upgraded tensioner and hardware

  • VMP 105 mm Throttle Body and VMP Adapter Kit

  • VMP 81 mm Intercooler Race Core Upgrade 

    • With billet High Flow Water Manifold

  • VMP Custom Tune for pump gas (91 or 93 octane) 

  The included 20% overdrive balancer kit will increase your boost by 4 psi.  Our VMP 105 mm Throttle Body and adapter will help remove restriction on the inlet side of your supercharging system while providing the crisp throttle response you’ve grown accustomed to in the venerable GT500.  To handle the increased boost and accompanying heat, our 81 mm Intercooler Race Core by PWR will work to manage IATs to maximize the increased airflow of this package.  Last, but definitely not least, is the custom VMP tuning to dial in and maximize this package of modifications.

This package is an emissions-compliant way to increase the power of your Predator powered GT500.  We’re incredibly excited to offer this package as a 50-state legal option for enthusiasts!

We took this 50 state legal upgrade kit to the rollers to see what it would do. On 93 octane, we made 763.5 RWHP and 643.5 RWTQ. This torque number was made at only 4400 rpms! That is tire frying power at the moment you need it. 


Interested in picking up this kit for your GT500?  Email us at sales@vmpperformance.com, give us a call at the shop at (321) 206-9369, or contact your VMP Performance dealer of choice!

CARB E.O. D-846

VMP Kit Tuning Support:

What will you need to do to get started?

  1. Purchase the HP Tuner's RTD interface and (8) credits (required for tuning)
  2. Purchase this supercharger kit, which comes with a complimentary tune file for the components of the kit ***
  3. Fill out the VMP Tune Order form with your vehicle’s information and a list of your current modifications/requests

That’s it! Once the form is submitted, an email chain will be created with the email address provided in the form. A VMP calibrator will be in contact to help you every step of the way!

* Tuning must be redeemed within 6 months of purchase* *** The complimentary tuning is limited to the componentry within the kit ***

Major modifications, and any changes to the kit’s components such as a different choice of injectors, pulley size, fuel type, or similar items would necessitate the purchase of a Level 3 Custom Tune and the associated charges would apply for the service.

Examples of items that would necessitate a purchase of a Level 3 Custom Tune as follows: Alternate fuels, E85, fuel systems, aftermarket camshafts, built/aftermarket/swapped transmissions, larger injectors, secondary fueling/cooling such as meth injection, etc.

If you have any questions concerning your set up, pre-existing modifications, or desired results, please be sure to contact your sales representative or shoot us an email at sales@vmpperformance.com***

Diagnostics and Datalogging: 

Modified vehicles can be highly variable, and can have different issues that may be difficult to diagnose remotely. VMP is happy to work with customers to address any concerns they may have.

If you have a question/concern regarding tuning diagnostics of the vehicle, please reply to the email chain where you had received your most recent tune file - datalogging is handled solely through email.
If necessary, your calibrator may request engine bay photos, a list of current DTC codes, and datalogs.

In the event of datalogging, your calibrator will provide you with a configuration file and detailed instructions on how to datalog.

Datalogging requires:

  • Basic computer knowledge

  • A Windows based laptop or a datalogging-capable device

Click HERE to view VMP’s general datalogging instructions for the HP Tuner’s RTD Interface

*Datalogging support is limited to a six month period from the day the tune file is created. After this six month period, additional support can be purchased for $99.99*

Tuning Services are NON Refundable

Tuning services include labor and intellectual property that cannot be returned. Once a tune file is sent out via email or loaded to a new SCT device, a refund is no longer offered. 

* Tuning must be redeemed within 6 months of purchase *

** Tuning support is offered to the original purchaser of the tune file. Tuning support does not extend to new owners of vehicles that were previously tuned by VMP. A complete new tune will need to be purchased by the new owner of the vehicle **

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