VMP Monoblade 137 Throttle Body for 18+ 5.0 L

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VMP Monoblade 137 Throttle Body for 18+ 5.0 L


VMP Monoblade 137 Throttle Body for 18+ 5.0 L

  • Industry exclusive - works on ‘18-19 with Cobra jet intake manifold

  • NO ADAPTER BOX required, avoid the expense and issues

  • Comes assembled and tested with the factory digital electronics

  • Works with 18+ Mustang GT 5.0l and 18+ F150 5.0l

  • Monoblade design provides for a combination of high flow, driveability and tunability

  • Recommended for naturally aspirated applications and power adders in the 800-1000rwhp range

Size and fitment:

  • Based on the GT500 bolt-pattern

  • Fits common VMP, Shelby and Roush supercharger openings in addition to the Cobrajet intake manifold

  • Blade measures 66mm tall x 148mm wide

  • Smaller blade design is extremely easy to tune

  • The “137 “ designation signifies the surface area of the opening.  Measuring and naming throttle bodies by blade width does not accurately take into account flow potential.  VMP has chosen to designate their line of monoblade throttle bodies by surface area.

VMP first introduced a digital twin blade throttle body design in early 2019.  To meet the demands of racers, we are extending our digital throttle body line to include two monoblade offerings.  The first mono offering, the VMP 137, is designed to be extremely user friendly in terms of tune-abilty and drive-ability.  Monoblades often get a bad name, this happens when the throttle is too large for the application. The VMP 137 is the smaller of our two offerings, and is designed to be right at home on the street or track.  May be used on completely stock, or modified engines.

In 2018 Ford switched over to a new electronic control system for the drive by wire throttle body.  This new system uses digital signals to control the throttle motor, rather than analog voltages as was done previously.  VMP’s line of throttle bodies are built with the same digital electronics found on 18+ Fords (designated by a J on the motor cover instead of an F).  Our throttle bodies include electronics, are tested, and set; all you have to do is bolt them onto the vehicle and load the proper tune. When a customer is left to install their own electronics on a throttle body the calibration process can be lengthy and difficult.    

Previously, the only way to get a GT500 style TB to work on an 18+ Mustang or F-150 was to use an expensive and problem prone throttle body adapter box.  Costing nearly $500, these boxes don’t result in a perfect translation from digital to analog, sometimes causing idle issues and failsafes. VMP’s throttle bodies with native digital electronics alleviates these issues.  

Includes: VMP 137 Monoblade Throttle body for 18+ 5.0 L (VMP-M137-J)

Recommended: 6in PNP harness extension (VMP-INT006)

Weight: 5.75 lbs

Fits vehicles with and also see: M-9424-M50CJA Cobrajet manifold

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