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VMP Custom Tunes for your 07-14 Shelby GT500 with support
VMP Custom Tunes for your 07-14 Shelby GT500

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Tuning is for GT500's with the stock supercharger. If you have a supercharger on your GT500 other than the one it rolled off the production line with, you will need level 3 tuning support. That can be found Here

Powerful! Stock-like drivability! Getting the most power you can safely make with your 2007-2014 is as easy as a few keystrokes at VMPPerformance.com

VMP owner and lead calibrator Justin Starkey spends hundreds of hours on a Dynojet load bearing dyno, along with tuning countless cars on our mobile Dynojet at events all over the country. This allows Justin to gather critical input from regional differences in fuels to environmentals like altitude, heat, etc. In the end, a VMP Custom calibration is the successful result of this time and data, giving you the most safe power for your particular car, mods, usage and goals.

Emissions notice! Per Federal law, VMP Performance does not turn off nor disable any mandated emissions controls. This includes turning off rear O2s for "off road" mid-pipes. This will have no bearing on the performance of your custom tuned car or truck. If you have questions please contact us BY CLICKING HERE before you place your order.

**Please note, typical turn around time for tuning is 7-10 business days unless expedited. **

Below is a Dyno Sheet of our 2007 GT500 with a VMP Gen 2 Supercharger

Improvements from VMP custom tunes (varies by application):

  • Removed speed limiter (do not exceed tire or driveshaft rating)
  • Safely raised rev limiter 200-400RPM.
  • Advanced timing for improved response and power at all RPM ranges
  • Optimized air fuel ratio for more power at WOT
  • Optimized engine fan cooling on/off temperatures for less heat-soak

Our tunes greatly improve driveability and power at all throttle positions. We tune for all around driveability, not just WOT performance. We feel that a good tune offers low-end "Torque" and "Race" type WOT performance all in one.

These are the up to 3 tunes you can order:

  • 93 Performance
  • 91 Performance
  • 100 octane "Torco" tune
We do not tune for octane ratings of less than 91 for GT500s.

Tuning FAQS:

Q: How do I install my tune on my Tuning Device
A: To load custom tune files on SCT click
Q: How do I find my computer code/strategy/part number code?
A: The "Computer Code" or "Catch Code" identifys the program that is in your vehicle's computer. When we custom program an SCT Tuner for your vehicle the code is usually required. This code is 4 letters and numbers long, an example would be "ABC1". There are no dashes before or after the computer code, it is not a part number or calibration code.

If you can not find the code go ahead and place the order, we will contact you if we need additional information. We often know the codes for common vehicles such as 03-04 Cobras and GT500s.

On 2005 and newer vehicles the code can be found on a small white sticker placed on the computer itself. On cars the computer is often on the passenger side front of the engine bay, on gas trucks it is on the firewall.

The code is not part of a long part number, it will be by itself, usually in large letters. An example code is ABC1.

It is possible to find the computer code by plugging a flash tuner into the OBD2 port. When you read the code out through the OBD2 port it is called the strategy, using this method the code is 7 letters and numbers long. It can be even longer on some vehicles and include a part number, we can use that part number if there is no strategy code present.

Important parts and tuning notice:

By ordering this tune, you agree to assume all responsibility for assuring that it is to be used for off-road and/or competition use only and is not to be used on a vehicle that is registered for use on public roads nor highways.

Because U.S., Canadian, and other international, state or provincial laws and regulations may prohibit removal or modification of components that were installed on vehicles by Ford Motor Company to meet emission requirements or to comply with motor vehicle safety regulations applicable to vehicles manufactured for use on public roads, VMP wants you to know the following:

Most of the parts and services offered in this online catalog are for off-road use or competition use only. Use on State and Federal Highways may be a violation of the EPA Clean Air Act. The Clean Air Act can be found at http://www.epa.gov/air/caa/. This document contains in detail what are considered to be violations of the CAA and corresponding penalties for failure to obey and should be read in full before purchasing or installing this off-road or race use only product. Ensuring that all emissions, noise/sound, and speed/use related laws are followed is the responsibility of the Buyer(s). Installation and use of this product indicates that this disclaimer has been read, acknowledged, and understood fully by both the Buyer(s) and Installer(s). The Buyer(s) assume all associated risk of the purchase.

Emissions Notice:

Federal and several state and provincial laws prohibit the removal, modification or rendering inoperative of any part that affects emissions or safety on motor vehicles used on public streets or highways. VMP assumes no liability for any violations arising out of any federal, state or provincial emissions or safety requirements on motor vehicles arising out of the customer's modifications and/or use of our products or services. It is the responsibility of the customer to determine if their modified vehicle complies with applicable laws. IT IS OUR POLICY TO NOT DISABLE ANY FEDERALLY MANDATED EMISSIONS EQUIPMENT NOR MONITORS ON ANY VEHICLE WITH A VEHICLE INDENTIFICATION NUMBER (VIN). IT IS A FEDERAL OFFENSE FOR US TO DO SO.

California Residents

The emissions laws and regulations of the state of California apply to all non-racing vehicles. Consequently, some parts in this catalog may legally be used in California only on a racing vehicle which will never be operated on public roads.