VMP Blow-through 75MM MAF housing and OEM 05+ MAF sensor

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VMP Blow-through 75MM MAF housing and OEM 05+ MAF sensor


California Residents:Proposition 65 Warning

Part Number: 05OEM75MM is a package which includes VMP housing and OEM Ford 05+ Slot style sensor, good for 150-300RWHP, use extender for more range. See option details below.

For installing on pre-05 vehicles:

  • Add 05+ 6 wire MAF pigtail, requires soldering
  • Add VMP 05 MAF plug and play harness for 94-98 V8 and 94-04 V6 (uses 05 MAF's built-in IAT)
  • Add Diablo MAFIA F7324 plug and play extender to add range and convert harnesses

The OEM 05+ sensor does not have a lot of range when used in a blow-through application, vehicles making more than 300RWHP will need a MAF extender like the Diablo MAFIA. The MAFIA F7324 plugs into your stock harness and has a connector for the 05+ maf on the othe end.

The ultimate MAF for blow-through applications! Great for Procharger, Vortech, Powerdyne, and custom Turbo Kits. Works great on any year MAF based vehicle from Fox bodies to 2008s.

The 05+ slot-style MAF sensor has been found to work great when used in blow-through (MAF after the compressor). It provides a clean and stable signal, resulting in better driveability, better fuel economy and consisent WOT air to fuel ratios. The 05+ slot style sensor can be used on Fox bodies with an EEC-4 and 96-04 vehicles with an EEC-5. Blow-through is the best way to go for forced induction applications (excluding roots blower designs). The vehicle will be more responsive and easier to tune when the MAF sensor is close to the engine, many suck-through supercharger kits place the MAF 3-9 feet away, which results in many driveability problems. With a blow-through MAF the BOV/BPV may be vented to atomsphere to reduce heat soak on non-intercooled applications.

We designed this MAF housing specifically for blow-through applications. It is 8"" long to straighten the air as it passes by the sensor. Both ends are designed to accept a ~3"" silicone coupler, grooves are machined into the tube to prevent hoses from blowing off. It is annodized silver. The VMP housing is a true 3""/75MM ID for maximum range, other products on the market use a 2.8"" ID tube, the smaller ID can cost you nearly 50RWHP worth of MAF sensor range.

Bigger is not always better!, the 05+ MAF sensor works best in a 3"" housing, going to a 3.5"" tube severely reduces signal quality, a 4"" tube makes the signal quality unbearable. Most intercooler pipes are only 3"" anyways, having a huge MAF housing will not improve flow through a system if all the other parts are smaller.

Recomended power range: 150 RWHP - 800 RWHP

Our design does not bend the metal tabs on the MAF sensor.

Includes machine screws for mounting MAF sensor in housing.

*Ford MAF sensors can be used with any ECM that accepts a 0-5V MAF signal.

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