VMP 2011-2014 Coyote Main SC kit box w/lower intake

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VMP 2011-2014 Coyote Main SC kit box w/lower intake

SKU: VMP-50L-6006-DA
An essential part of the VMP Performance TVS supercharger kit for 2011-2014 Coyote powered vehicles. These items are included by default when purchasing a complete kit. This item is available for purchase and intended to be used by individuals piecing a kit together over time or who are missing key parts on a second hand kit.

This is only available as a complete purchase and will not be separated or parted out.

Included in Main SC kit box with lower intake, are the following necessary items:

Fuel Charging Assembly (lower intake manifold, assembled)
Upper FEAD Bracket
FEAD Tensioner Spider Bracket Assembly
Intercooler Degas Bottle/Reservoir
Intercooler Electric Water Pump with Bracket
3/4" Z Hose Degas Bottle Inlet Top of lower intk to Degas
3/4" U Hose Intercooler Pump Inlet bottom of degas to pump
3/4" Long Hose Intercooler LTR Outlet Bottom lower intk to HE
3/8" Hose engine degas bottle to engine
PCV Fresh Air Inlet - hard molded U-tube
PCV Purge Hose - hard molded with rubber bubbler hose
Evaporative Emission Canister Hard Purge Valve Line (EVAP)
Vacuum line molded SC Bypass Vent ref top of BPV to side of CAI

Hardware Kit B Fuel Charging (inside main box)
Gasket Red Throttle Body To Gen2 Blower
Gasket Black Throttle Body Spacer to Supercharger (not used)
Bolt Throttle Body to Spacer & Supercharger (M6 x 32.5)(4 used)
Bolt Intake to Cylinder Heads (M6 x 40)
Bolt Supercharger to Intake (M8 x 53) (one not used with gen2)
Bolt Evaporative Emission Valve to Elbow (M6 x 35.5) (not used)
Bolt S/C Pulley (M6 x 16) (Black flanged)

Hardware Kit C FEAD (inside main box)
Pulley - Idler B/S 76mm (for 6-rib only, 8-rib gets upgraded)
Bolt Idler (M8 x 28 large washer)
Bolt Upper FEAD to Engine and Intake (M8 x 84)
Bolt Lower Bracket to Upper Bracket (M8 x 41)
Bolt Lower Bracket to Engine (M8 x 120)
Bolt M8 X 60MM for new style upper FEAD bracket

Hardware Kit E VMP I/C system (inside main box)
Degas Bottle Cap
Clamps Hoses (Constant Tension)
Bolt Degas Bottle Mounting
J-Clip Degas Bottle 2nd mounting point (use M6 bolt)

Misc Parts Baggy (inside main box)
Grommet Induction Resonance Tube Delete
Decal 2011+ Belt Routing Diagram
3/16 ID Vacuum Hose - 6/150mm
3/4 Hose Sleeve 424mm Heater Hoses (optional)

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