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VMP 07-14 Shelby GT500 GEN2R 2.3 L TVS 800 HP Kit (Installed & Dyno tuned)
VMP 07-14 Shelby GT500 GEN2R 2.3L TVS SC 800HP Kit w/VMP Tune

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Suggested Retail Price: $5,299.00

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07-14 Shelby GT500 GEN2R 2.3 L TVS 800 HP Kit - Kick back and relax while we handle the install & tuning

This package deal includes installation, spark plugs, dyno tuning and a complimentary 2-night hotel stay in beautiful New Smyrna Beach, Florida! Once purchased, a VMP staff member will reach out to you to schedule your installation and hotel accommodations. Pricing is base, adding options may increase price.

This is it!
The VMP 800 HP package with the VMP GEN2R TVS 2.3 L supercharger!

The VMP 800 HP for 2007-14 GT500 package includes:

The VMP GEN2R, our powerful 2.3 L VMP TVS supercharger.
Your choice of bolt on VMP pulleys (2.4", 2.5", 2.65")
The VMP Twin Jet 67 mm throttle body.
JLT 123 mm Big Air CAI.
Ford 56 lb/hr fuel injectors
90mm idler to take up belt slack.
Brisk GR12YS high performance spark plugs.
VMP Dyno tune

Peak performance is based on quality 93 octane and is provided with this kit. 91 octane is available by request as you fill out the form. Additional files for race gas or e85 are available by ordering from the UPDATE form in the tuning section.

For the 2007-12 GT500 owner, this is the one-stop shop to moving your Shelby past the 2013-14 power levels in just a couple of hours in your driveway. Easy installation, full technical support and dyno/track proven tunes to have you up and running in no time. Our 2007 made over 850 horsepower to the tires with this kit and additional supporting mods on race gas.

On a 2010 GT500, this kit took a stock 450 rwhp to 698 rwhp!!

On 13-14 GT500s expect 700-730 rwhp.

For the Trinity owner, this package is an awesome upgrade that gives you more top end power, increased torque by using the higher flowing VMP GEN2R TVS supercharger, the hot VMP Twin Jet 67 mm throttle body, larger JLT 123 mm intake and more.

The VMP 800 HP package. Order yours today and dominate tomorrow.

*Boost numbers on left are on a 5.4 L with stock lower crank pulley, on right are 10% lower pulley, add 1 psi for 15% overdrive lower crank pulley.
*Subtract 2 psi when running on a 5.8 L (13-14 GT500 engine).

VMP GEN2R Tested on our 2007 GT500: