Torco Unleaded Accelerator - raise 91 pump gas to 98+ octane (Case of 6)

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Torco Unleaded Accelerator - raise 91 pump gas to 98+ octane (Case of 6)

SKU: TOR-16410-C

California Residents Warning!
California Residents:Proposition 65 Warning
One case of 6 32oz bottles

Recommended 1 bottle per 15gallons of gas for ~98 octane. VMP does not recommend higher concentrations.

Torco Accelerator Race Fuel Concentrate
  • A blend of components which transforms the make up of premium pump gas to closely resemble race fuel
  • Significantly raises the octane of premium fuel (91-93 octane), approx 5-8 full point increase to ~98 octane
  • Will not harm sensitive O2 sensors or catalytic converters
  • VMP approved
  • Recommended for VMP 100 octane or VMP 'Torco' tunes
  • Great for supercharged engines, allows for 2-4* more timing and gains of 20-30rwhp
  • A little goes a long way in high-performance street applications for improved power and less power loss with heat soak (via reduced IAT/ACT timing retard function).
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*If you already have a VMP custom tune for pump gas and need a Torco race fuel tune there is no charge for an update when you purchase Torco additive from us, must request after you order.
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