TSS Billet Coyote 5.0L oil pump gears

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TSS Billet Coyote 5.0L oil pump gears


Billet oil pump gears are recommended for any high-performance 5.0L Coyote or Road Runner buildup. In many cases the gears fail before anythings else does, due to sustained high-rpm and high power output. *Gears only, does not include housing.
- AMERICAN made chromoly steel billets

- Heat treated to custom specifications to create a perfect balance of strength and wear resistance

- Machined with tolerances held to +/- .0005

- Computer controlled precision surface ground to perfection

- Each and every piece of every gear set's hardness is verified via Rockwell Scale

- All parts hand deburred and finished

- Every set is selected by measurement to be grouped with its mate

- All tolerances measured and blueprinted to verify pieces are within +/- .0005

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