Steeda Lower Control Arm Relocation Brackets - 05+

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Steeda Lower Control Arm Relocation Brackets - 05+

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The same relocation brackets we use on VMP's 5.0L Mustang & Shelby GT500. Four holes allows for adjustment & fine tuning of suspension geomtry, allowing you to control how the rear end plants on launch. All relocation brackets need to be welded in when used for racing, due to this, these brackets have no bolt-in provision at all.

Steeda's Lower Trailing Arm Relocation Brackets are designed to let you adjust the location of the rear mounting point of the lower trailing arm allowing you to fine tune the instant center geometry of your Mustang.

Highly recommended for all types of racing, improving the instant center geometry will improve weight transfer and increase traction for better 60ft times and better acceleration out of a corner on the road course. These brackets are great for lowered cars to correct the instant center geometry change that occurs from lowering the vehicle.

Steeda designed this kit to have more adjustment range than all other competitive offerings. This gives you more options for fine tuning your instant center maximizing your performance potential. This kit is compatible with all S197 Mustangs including the Shelby GT500.

The kit includes two relocation brackets, grade 10.9 hardware and instructions.

This kit is a weld-in application for the S197 Mustang platform and is not recommended as a bolt in only application. Bolts are included for positioning to aid in welding but are not to be driven on.

Product Benefits

* Strongest Relocation Bracket on the market!
* Better handling with more stable cornering, while maintaining good ride quality.
* Allows adjustment of your instant center for optimium traction.
* More traction, which means lower 60fts!

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