Slot Style STAINLESS STEEL MAF Flange for 2.5" to 5" tube for 2005+ style, HPX, BA5000

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Slot Style STAINLESS STEEL MAF Flange for 2.5" to 5" tube for 2005+ style, HPX, BA5000


California Residents Warning!
California Residents:Proposition 65 Warning

  • Constructed of quality stainless steel
  • Includes mounting hardware  - two MAF sensor M4.7 screws
  • Fits 2005+ slotted style MAF sensor 
  • Weldable
  • Made in the USA

In 2005 Ford introduced a new style of mass air sensor called the "slot" or "card" style. This sensor has no housing, instead the stock air box has a receptacle for the sensor. The stainless steel VMP MAF flange provides a housing for aftermarket slot/card style sensors. With a 3.5" circumference, the flange can be attached to other tube sizes with some welding. The welding will fill in any small gaps present when used on other tube sizes. If you're not able to weld, we recommend our MAF housing (listed below).

A great sensor for blow-through applications, where the mass air sensor is placed after the compressor (supercharged or turbocharged vehicles), the slot style MAF provides a very clean and consistent signal, improving driveability and throttle response over stock. 

Easy placement, the slot style MAF sensor can be put in any tube size, from 3" to 4.5". We don't recommend a tube size smaller than 2.75". In blow-through applications, a 3" tube will result in the best signal, 3.5" tube in a marginal signal, and a 4" tube provides a very poor signal. To properly accommodate the new MAF sensor housing size, a tune will be needed. 

Running the MAF sensor in blow-through cars in a smaller than stock tube reduces range. To get this range back you can use a MAFIA extender or a VMP HPX slot style sensor. For very high power applications the VMP HPX sensor is recommended, as the MAFIA can only be used up to setting 3 on the 2005+ MAF.

Tube Size Estimate horsepower range with Ford 2005+ MAFEstimate horsepower range with VMP 2005+ MAF
3"250-300 RWHP600-650 RWHP
3.5"300-350 RWHP700-800 RWHP
4"400-450 RWHP950+ RWHP
4.5"500-600 RWHP1200+ RWHP

Includes: (2) mounting screws and (1) flange

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