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Roushcharged 6.2L Raptor and F150 Upgrade Pack - X4, pulley, idler
Roushcharged 6.2L Raptor and F150 Upgrade Pack - X

Suggested Retail Price: $799.99

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Your RoushCharged Raptor is a truck length ahead of a "regular" Raptor, but we know there's more where that came from. We turn up the boost with a smaller 72mm supercharger pulley, provide a 90mm idler so you can retain your stock blower belt and put it all to work with a custom calibration from VMP Performance.

Your new SCT X4 handheld tuning device will be loaded with tunes for your specific ride for incredible throttle response and firmer, quicker shifting. Includes 3 tunes!

More power, more torque, more performance. Up to 40 more horsepower at those big old tires and enough torque to light them up.

We know how to make Raptors fly!