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  • 79-93 Mustang

    The Fox Body, began production in 79 and carried all the way to 93. The Fox Body platform sported a 2.3L, 3.8L, and the famous 302/5.0L Push rod Engine. VMP is now offering the latest and greatest in suspension, performance, and engine swap parts for your 79-93 Fox Body platforms.
  • GT500

    The GT500, year spans from 2007-2014. The 07-12 sports a 5.4L Factory Supercharged V8. The 13-14 GT500 has a monster 5.8L factory supercharged V8. Be sure to checkout the the powerpack and supercharger upgrade options for your GT500.
  • '94-'04 Mustang

    The SN95 & New Edge Platform, was a drastic change from the previous Foxbody era. 94-95 GTs sported a push rod 5.0L V8 but in 96 the GT and Cobra sported a 4.6L Modular V8. The V6 models also used and 3.8L platform and a 3.9L in 2004. Do not forget about the 03-04 Terminator Cobra with a factory supercharged 4.6L V8. VMP offers what it takes to pump more muscle into your Mustang.
  • '05-'10 Mustang

    The 05 was the first year of the new body style and the first year for the mustang to have the 4.6L 3V SOHC motor. This was also the same body style that the GT500 adopted in 2007. VMP offers a wide variety of performance parts for your 05-10 Mustang
  • '11-'14 Mustang

    The first year of the all new 5.0L coyote. 11-12 was almost the same body style as the 2010 mustang but packed quite a bit more of a punch with the modular 5.0L. From VMP TVS Superchargers to cold air intakes, VMP has what it takes to take your 11-14 Mustang to the next level.
  • 15+ Mustang

    It's the first all new Mustang in years. The 50th anniversary of the original Pony Car shows a complete redesign, independent rear suspension and a pair of potent powerplants. From the EcoBoost 2.3L to an improved Coyote 5.0L, we have what you need to make your new mustang the way you want.