Lethal PerformanceT-56 Throwout Bearing Retainer Sleeve

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Lethal PerformanceT-56 Throwout Bearing Retainer Sleeve


California Residents:Proposition 65 Warning
This is a must for all when doing a clutch swap. As most of us know one of the weak points in the 03-04 Cobra T-56 and the 96-00 Mustang T-45 is the Throwout Bearing and it's sleeve. Most of the time the TOB will go bad and start making squeaking and squealing noises. If the issue is not fixed in a reasonable amount of time the TOB will wear away at the TOB retainer sleeve and actually snap it in half. This can be a costly problem to fix if your vehicle isn't covered by warranty anymore. So we have the solution. A High Quality 4340 Forged Steel TOB Retainer Sleeve. The Sleeve comes with a genuine Tremec transmission seal and Viton O-Ring for a perfect fit. By installing this piece you will increase the durability and life of your transmission for sure.

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