GMS Drop motor mounts 15+ Mustang

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GMS Drop motor mounts 15+ Mustang

SKU: GM-MM1517

California Residents:Proposition 65 Warning

*These drop motor mounts for 2015+ Mustangs will allow you to install an 11-14 positive displacement supercharger kit with other minor modifications.*

Dropping the engine within the chassis lowers the center of gravity and that makes the car turn better which in effect makes it handle better too. Tapping the most potential out of Fords new 2015 Mustang is what we are aiming for, and small changes can have big payoffs. Installing a set of Granatelli Motor Sports Motor Mounts on the new S550 platform will give a dramatic improvement on how the vehicle will feel and perform when taking corners aggressively.

Another benefit of the Granatelli Motor Sports Motor Mounts is their semi-solid design. Because of their design, more of the power can be transferred to the rear of the vehicle. Eliminating the unnecessary loss in power is another step in getting the most out of Fords newest platform.

While changing the motor mounts may seem like a small change, with the addition of Granatelli Motor Sports new Motor Mounts for the 2015 and up Mustang, the serious racer and enthusiasts alike will be able to bring out the most from their vehicle. Installation is simple.

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