Fore SN95 Returnless Fuel Pump Module 03-04 Cobra, 99-04 GT, V6

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Fore SN95 Returnless Fuel Pump Module 03-04 Cobra, 99-04 GT, V6

SKU: FORE-55-700-OPT

California Residents Warning!
California Residents:Proposition 65 Warning
Electronic returnless configured fuel pump module. Fully upgradeable to operation in a return fuel system.

This is a great option when you need to replace stock 03 cobra pumps but can not find a NOS OEM fuel pump assembly.
  • Dual pump module
  • Configurations available for returnless duty
  • Supports 600+ rwhp
  • E85 and race fuel compatible
  • Accepts OEM level sender from '03-'04 Cobra and '99-'04 GT/Cobra/Mach1
  • Viton o-ring pump seals totally eliminate in-tank fuel hose failures.
  • Deletes restrictive PPRV for highest performance and consistent output
  • Polymer pump support eliminates pump body electrolysis and minimizes noise
  • Hermetic wire seal completely eliminates the chance for leaks/smell

As configured this setup will include two updated Ford GT pumps, a stock line adapter, a plug for the return port on the hat, and a metripack connector with pigtail for splicing into the stock wiring.
  • 2003-2004 Cobra: Direct bolt in
  • 2003-2004 Mach1: Direct bolt in, recommend 2003-2004 Cobra fuel tank
  • 1999-2004 Mustang V6 and GT: Direct bolt in, recommend 2003-2004 Cobra fuel tank
  • 1999-2001 Cobra: Direct bolt in, recommend 2003-2004 Cobra fuel tank
  • Do not use with pre 1999 ECUs, see our modules designed for return configurations
  • Feed Outlet: -10 -ring
  • Return Inlet: -8 o-ring
Can 405 lph or 465 lph pumps be operated in a returnless configuration?
No, the pumps' minimum output is too much supply for idle/cruising. (two pumps) We do not recommend running anything larger than the F90000265 (305lph) fuel pumps in this configuration.
Do you sell upgraded FPDMs?
No, a second Fuel Pump Driver Module (FPDM) and pigtail harness can be purchased from Ford. Some of our customers use our FC2 controller as a power supply for twin FPDMs.
How much power can be made in a PWM (returnless) configuration?
We have supported over 1000 rwhp in a PWM configuration, but we generally set the limit around 700-750 rwhp (gasoline applications, lower for E85) for driveability. Due to the fact that ""electronic returnless"" is a reactive fuel system (it is always a step behind the motor demand) it generally cannot adequately keep up with the severe demand transients that modified motor requires.

Required options:
2 x Walbro F10000302
SN95 OEM Feed Line Adapter
Plug (for returnless setups only)
Sealed Delphi Connector and 7' 12 AWG pigtail only

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