C-F-M Billet Valve Cover Breather Kit for 2005-15 Mustang V6

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C-F-M Billet Valve Cover Breather Kit for 2005-15 Mustang V6

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CFM Performance now makes it easy to vent the crankcase on your 2005-15 Mustang V6 with our new billet valve cover baffled breather kit. This kit is a direct replacement for your factory oil fill cap and allows unwanted crankcase pressure to exit.

This breather is the ONLY one in the market which incorporates a check ball to keep unmetered air from coming through while the crankcase is under vacuum. In other words, this breather acts just like a factory oil cap under normal driving conditions and when you get into boost it will release any crankcase pressure present.

The proprietary internal baffle substantially reduces oil particle travel without affecting air flow. The filter element is washable and has a variety of top finishes for great looks. The pre-oiled cotton fiber traps dirt particles without restricting air flow. Although this kit was designed for use in racing applications, it works and looks great in any engine compartment.

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