Brisk spark plugs, gapped and installed (Cobra, GT500, Coyote)

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Brisk spark plugs, gapped and installed (Cobra, GT500, Coyote)

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Need new spark plugs? VMP Performance has you covered, just select the plugs you want and we will install them for you. We use Brisk brand spark plugs, check the gap on the plug to make sure it's set correctly for your setup, and swap out the new plugs for your old worn plugs.

The purchase of this product includes the 8 spark plugs of your choosing and the installation labor. Please be sure to speak with a representative to schedule your install at our facility or any event we are attending!


  • Silver Fine Wire Center Electrode
  • Tapered Ground Electrode
  • Special High Dialectic Strength Insulator
  • Silver is the Best Electric and Heat Conductor
  • Superior Ignition Ability Increases Engine Power
  • Lower Required Supplied Ignition Voltage
  • Good Resistance to Fouling and Easier Starts

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