Brisk Racing Spark Plugs XOR10S 3 Step Colder 4.6,5.4,3V Engines

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Brisk Racing Spark Plugs XOR10S 3 Step Colder 4.6,5.4,3V Engines


California Residents Warning!
California Residents:Proposition 65 Warning
New Brisk Silver Racing Design XOR10S is 3 heat ranges colder than factory for the 2008 - 2010 Ford 3-Valve engines. This extremely cold spark plug is designed for heavily modified racing applications.

Brisk Silver Racing spark plug line is the most versatile on the market and in the appropriate heat range, can be used in a wide variety of applications from completely stock daily driven vehicles, to 4000+ horsepower Pro Mod engines.


* Good Resistance to Fouling and Easier Starts
* Race Engines and Engines with Hard to Ignite Fuels
* Supercharged / Turbocharged / Nitrous engines
* Silver is the best Electric and Heat Conductor - the best material for performance and racing spark plugs
* Superior Ignition Ability Increases Engine Power Lower Required Supplied Ignition Voltage
* Excellent for Total Loss Ignition Systems
* Excellent Spark Plug Choice for any Vehicle, Stock or Modified, even for High Mileage Vehicles and Vehicles With Oil Consumption Problems

Silver is the best conductor of any metal! It conducts 560% more electricity & 481% more heat than Platinum, and 276% more electricity & 177% more heat than Iridium.

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