Brisk Racing Spark Plugs 3VR14S Silver (for 3V NA and SC mild) 05-mid 08 (black boot)

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Brisk Racing Spark Plugs 3VR14S Silver (for 3V NA and SC mild) 05-mid 08 (black boot)


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Set of 8 

For mildly modded 3V Mustang 4.6L, NA, nitrous, and up to 12psi of boost

BRISK SILVER RACING 3VR14S spark plug. 16mm HT(high thread design), 22mm reach, 9/16"" (14.3mm) hex, SINGLE PIECE SHELL DESIGN, tapered seat, non-projected tip, resistor, silver center electrode, cut-back ground electrode.

BRISK Silver Racing Spark Plugs brings you true Billit One-Piece shell design for the Ford Modular 3-Valve engines. The BRISK One-Piece shell design for the 2005-mid 08 Mustang & Ford Truck (4.6L & 5.4L, 3V) allows for easy setting of the spark plug gap, without requiring a specialized spark plug gapping tool. This is acheived by utilizing a single J-Gap ground electrode, this also unshrouds the flame front created by combustion allowing for better flame front dispersion thus improving throttle response, power and acceleration.

Attention :
  • On or around Feb 2008 Ford changed designs of the spark plug. They are a completely different thread than used from 2005 until the transition sometime in 2008. If your 2008 Mustang was built in 2008 you should check before purchasing. You can identify which plugs you have by looking at the boot color of the coil pack. Black boots are used in 2005 to mid 2008 which is what these plugs are designed for. Brown boots are mid 2008 and newer which require a XOR14YS-1 or XOR12YS-1 plug.

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