Afco double adjustable rear shocks for 79-14 Mustang with TRZ spec drag radial valving

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Afco double adjustable rear shocks for 79-14 Mustang with TRZ spec drag radial valving

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We have found these shocks to be the best option for high HP radial tire Mustangs. Special TRZ spec valving allows these shocks to perform incredibly well down into the 1.teen 60ft times. These are essential for TVS powered cars as they control how hard the chassis hits the tire when you are running increased bar angle (or anti squat) with lower control arm relocation brackets.

Used on Rebecca Starkey's 8 second VMP TVS powered 2011 Mustang GT. 60fts like those pictured in this video would not be possible without these shocks:

AFCO Eliminator Twin Tube Adjustable REAR shocks are built specifically for drag racing. AFCO developed the Eliminator Series to precisely control your race car at every point on the track. With the easy-to-use, repeatable "click" settings, this shock will give you unsurpassed traction.

By allowing full control over both compression and rebound forces, Double Adjustable shocks give the tuner the ability to fine tune every aspect of the chassis movement to provide the ultimate in acceleration control and overall driveability.

Item Details

Double Adjustable
13.90" Comp, 20.90" Ext


  1. The rebound adjustment is the most critical in tuning a drag racing set-up. This adjustment allows the tuner to dial in the "un-loading action" of the chassis and keep the tires planted during the critical first 60' down the track.
  2. Double adjustable shocks are the ultimate tool in the chassis tuner's arsenal. The double adjustments of both compression and rebound dampening are completely independent - changing the setting of one has no effect on the setting of the other.
  3. Can be used as a coil-over shock with 106-20135D coil-over hardware kit (purchase separate).
  • Lightweight aluminum construction also helps dissipate heat
  • Rebound settings are adjusted via a shaft-mounted knob with 32 clicks
  • Compression settings are adjusted via a body-mounted know with 32 clicks
  • Smooth, Ultra Low Friction rod guide
  • Low resistance allows internals to function to their fullest potential
  • Almost no "stiction" to interfere with putting the power down
  • Coil-over Ready w/ purchase of kit 106-20135D

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