2013-14 GT500 STAGE 3 Power Pack (Up to 100 rwhp)

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2013-14 GT500 STAGE 3 Power Pack (Up to 100 rwhp)


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Boost-Zilla Strikes! The VMP STAGE 3 Power Pack! Just $1399.00!

The 2013-14 GT500 cranks out a whopping 600 or so rwhp. But when is ""enough"" REALLY enough? Mmmmm, not quite yet! The VMP STAGE 3 is perfect for the owner that wants a, uh, stealthy look. (Wait? What exactly is stealthy about ANY GT500?!) So, here's the deal...... a VMP stock look 2.40"" pulley and hidden 90mm idler, your stock fresh air intake and of course a little bling with the VMP Twin Jet 67mm throttle body. Hey, your service person may not even see the difference! Rounding out the VMP STAGE 3 is a new SCT X4 handheld with VMP Custom Tuning by Justin Starkey! This combo that bangs out up to 100 rear wheel horsepower over stock! Stealth. RIGHT!

Our experience with the '13 came early and VMP's modifying was well documented in Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords Magazine.

VMP's GT500 STAGE 3 Power Pack for the 2013-14 Shelby has everything it takes to deliver up to a 100+ rear wheel horsepower increase!

  • SCT X4 handheld device, loaded with dyno and track proven VMP Custom Tunes by Justin Starkey
  • Black VMP 2.4"" Press-On Pulley +2psi or 15-16psi
  • 90mm Idler to increase Belt wrap
  • Massive VMP Twin Jet 67mm throttle body

Don't forget the VMP Ultimate Pulley Tool for removing and installing your new pulley without damaging it:
VMP Ultimate Pulley Installation and Removal Tool

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