11-14 5.0 Mustang GT N/A X4 & JLT

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11-14 5.0 Mustang GT N/A X4 & JLT

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2011+ 5.0L Mustang GT Power Pack features a JLT cold air and SCT X4

This is for the mustang enthusist looking for a place to start to pick up power!

With this power package you can see gains of up to +20-30 rwhp

(This is based on sea level and octane 93+)

Coyote (5.0L) motors from ford put down a range from 360-380 rwhp. With a JLT CAI and VMP custom tune we can put you in the 400+rwhp range.

Kit includes:

JLT Cold Air Intake

SCT handheld tuner loaded with VMP Performance custom tunes (Up to 3)

Crisper Throttle Response

Custom calibrated to your specific car
Enhanced shifting for autos; firmer and quicker


You can get up to 3 VMP custom tunes

This includes tuning support for one year and warranty on all harware for 1 year

We can turn off skip shift in manuals
More performance oriented shifts in automatic

TMPS sensors cannot be turned

We offer updates for tunes for any parts that are purchased from us (must have order ID for update)

All Handheld tuners are loaded with VMP custom tunes before shipment

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