2007-2010 GT500 VMP Plug and Play Fuel Pump Voltage Booster and FIC1000 Injectors

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2007-2010 GT500 VMP Plug and Play Fuel Pump Voltage Booster and FIC1000 Injectors


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California Residents:Proposition 65 Warning

Get the fuel system you need to maximize your boost potential with our Fuel kit combo for your 2007-2010 GT500! This package includes a VMP fuel pump booster, Plug and Play harness and FIC1000's.

Package Includes:

  • Dual VMP Fuel Pump Boosters
  • VMP Plug and Play harness for 2007-2010 GT500
  • FIC 1000CC injectors (set of 8)

We all know the proven benefits of a VMP Tuning Fuel Pump Booster! Efficient, continuous 18v output (40A) designed to get the most performance from your stock or aftermarket pumps. It stabilizes voltage as well as increasing flow rate. Simply tossing a larger set of injectors into the system won't necessarily be the answer to your high performance fueling needs.

Until now, Fuel Pump Boosters have been seen as an ""I'll get to it.....someday"" proposition. Why? Because the average person doesn't have the experience nor confidence that they'll hook them up correctly. We heard you and we've solved the problem, making it simple to install the performance headroom you need, doing it right the first time!

When installing boosters the factory fuses should be upgraded, stock size is 15amp or 20amp and will tend to blow at the end of a WOT pull. Replacing them with 30 amp fuses fixes this.

Due to the GT500 being a mid-run addition in 07 the fuses for each Pump/FPDM (driver module) are located in different places.

The drivers side FPDM fuse is #41 in the underhood fuse box needs to be upgraded.
The passenger side FPDM fuse is in the fuse box mounted on the strut tower, it must be upgraded.

Installation Notes for 2007-2009:

*07-09 GT500s use an aux fusebox to power the second pump, that box is fed by Fuse #66 in the main underhood fuse box (labeled as heated seats, which GT500s do not have), this fuse should be upgraded in addition to the primary fuel pump fuse.

Installation Notes for 2010:

F13 and F14 in the underhood fuse box should be upgraded to 30amp.

Ford Mustang GT (2005-2017)/GT350 (2015-2017)/ Boss 302 (2012-2013)/Cobra (1999-2004) Fuel Injector Clinic Injector Set: 8 x 1000cc/min (85lbs/hr) at 3 bar (43.5psi) fuel pressure. Saturated / High Impedance Ball & Seat Injectors. Drop-in for size and plug.

These injectors utilize the latest technology and provide great linearity and short pulse width repeatability.
Plug and Play Ford ECU Data Available at http://fuelinjectorclinic.com/FordData

This injector set is precisely matched using Fuel Injector Clinic's proprietary Data Match Technology. Each injector is individually serial numbered and the results are provided on the Data Match Sheetproviding the most complete flow matching and latency value information available in the industry today.

Fuel Injector Clinic injectors are flow tested and rated at 43.5psi (3Bar) at 90deg F fuel temperature using CF-16B calibration fluid.

Superior short pulse width control and state of the art matching make these injectors easy to tune and provide great drivability.

Fuel Injector Clinic injectors are set up to and include all o-rings needed to fit the factory application for the listed vehicle. If you are using aftermarket or other unusual setups please contact us prior to placing your order to make sure you receive injectors that fit properly.

Every injector is covered against failure caused by defects in original manufacture by our lifetime warranty.

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