07-09 Shelby GT500 Custom SCT X4 & VMP 113MM Intake optional 2.5 pulley

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07-09 Shelby GT500 Custom SCT X4 & VMP 113MM Intake optional 2.5 pulley


Package with VMP 113MM Intake and VMP Custom Tuned SCT X4 Handheld Flash Tuner.

Optional VMP 2.5" pulley and 90MM idler.

If you have a stock Shelby and are looking for more power this is the best place to start. This package offers great bang for your buck.

When used with optional smaller pulley:
Adds 100-130 Rear Wheel Horsepower to your Shelby!
Increases flywheel horsepower from stock of 500HP to 625-650HP!

Package includes:

  • SCT X4 handheld tuner Custom Programmed by VMP with up to 3 tunes
  • 113MM Cold Air Induction system to replace restrictive factory airbox
  • Optional 2.5" supercharger pulley to raise boost 3-4psi
  • Optional 90MM idler pulley to take up slack in the belt (stock belt retained)
  • Optional VMP Ultimate Pulley Tool Kit

The Intake and Tune alone results in a 60-80RWHP and 60-80RWTQ gain, in conjunction with the smaller pulley total gains will be 100-130RWHP and 100-130RWTQ (measured at wheels). Most cars will dyno 525-550RWHP depending on weather conditions (summer vs winter). The pulley may be installed at a later time, the tune will automatically adjust for it.

Up to 3 custom tunes can be loaded onto your tuner, select 93-92, 91, race fuel, or Torco octane booster tune.

If you have any other mods note them at the time of ordering so they can be taken into account, such as longtube headers or different rear end gears.

If you have special octane requirements let us know and we can create a tune for you. We have shipped our tunes all over the world and are familiar with the fuels available in Europe and other regions such as 95 and 98 RON.

The SCT X4 flash tuner is warranty friendly. The flasher saves your stock tune the first time you use it. You are able to flash the vehicle back to stock at any time.

Each SCT Flasher comes loaded with user adjustable options. You are able to change parameters such as tire size and rear end gear ratio yourself.

The flasher is fully reprogrammable, new tunes can be emailed as you modify the vehicle.

*We highly recommend the use of the VMP Ultimate Pulley Removal and Installation tool. It is a specialized tool made specifically for this job, most Ford dealers and mechanics will not normally have such a tool. They may have other tools that will work, but the time spent and the damage caused is often not worth the trouble. Our tool is designed to take the stock pulley off without damaging it, and allows for easy installation of the new pulley. Our installation tool uses a large bearing to allow the new pulley to be installed on center and with relative ease (due to lack of friction). No heat is required when using our tool. We can not guarantee the installation of our pulley when other tools are used.

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