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Suggested Retail Price: $199.00
AEM UEGO Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge
Suggested Retail Price: $263.55
Fits Ford:
  • Ford Focus ST
  • Ford Focus ST 225
  • Ford Mustang 1996 - 2015 (All)
  • Ford Mustang pre-1996
  • Ford Mustang 5th Generation (including Shelby, GT)
  • Ford Mustang 6th Generation

The WOT Box adds two major features to any car. They are No-lift shifting and 2-step launch control. Both of these features are completely user-programmable using the WOT Box Graphical User Interface. The No-Lift Shift feature makes no-lift shifting easy by cutting your engine's ignition for a very short period while you no-lift shift. No-lift shifting is keeping the gas down through the shifft. The ignition cut allows the synchros in your transmission to mesh easily, reducing the chance of missing a gear and damaging your transmission. Keeping your foot down through the shift also allows you to hold boost through the shift, thereby significantly improving your E.T.

The major benefits are:
  • Lower ETs
  • Reduced chance of missing a gear
  • More consistent, effortless shifts
  • Reduced wear on the transmission
  • Reduced chance of major transmission damage
  • The 2-Step Launch Control modulates the ignition by cutting power to individual ignition coils to hold the RPM you want to launch at. The turbo will spool up while you do this. You can use this feature for a more consistent and more powerful launch in boost!

Included in the kit

  • WOT Box
  • USB to Serial adapter
  • Universal wiring harness
  • Heat-shrink tubing
  • Ground lug
  • Zip Ties

Compatible Vehicles

  • Audi B5 A4
  • Audi B5 A4
  • Audi B5 S4 (2.7T)
  • Audi B6 A4
  • Audi A4 2.0T
  • Audi C5 A6 (2.7T)
  • Audi TT
  • Audi TT-RS 2.5L
  • Audi S4
  • Audi S6
  • BMW 135i / 335i
  • BMW 325i
  • BMW 540i E39
  • BMW X5
  • BMW M3
  • BMW M3 E36
  • BMW E46 M3
  • Cadillac CTS-V 1st and 2nd Generation, Sedan and Coupe
  • Chevrolet Cavalier
  • Chevrolet Cobalt LT 2.2L
  • Chevrolet Cobalt SS 2.0SC
  • Chevrolet Cobalt SS 2.4
  • Chevrolet Cobalt SS 2.0TC
  • Chevrolet Corvette C5
  • Chevrolet Corvette C6
  • Chevrolet Camaro 4th and 5th Generation
  • Chevrolet Camaro LS1
  • Dodge Neon SRT-4
  • Dodge Neon 2nd Generation
  • Dodge Caliber SRT-4
  • Dodge Challenger R/T
  • Dodge Challenger SRT-8
  • Dodge Charger
  • Dodge Dart 1.4L / 2.0L / 2.4L
  • Dodge Viper
  • Dodge Ram SRT-10
  • Dodge Ram 1500 5.7L
  • Eagle Talon
  • Ford Focus ST
  • Ford Focus ST 225
  • Ford Mustang 1996 - 2015 (All)
  • Ford Mustang pre-1996
  • Ford Mustang 5th Generation (including Shelby, GT)
  • Ford Mustang 6th Generation
  • Honda Civic DX
  • Honda Civic EX
  • Honda Civic Si
  • Honda S2000
  • Hyundai Genesis 2.0T
  • Hyundai Genesis V6
  • Hyundai Veloster Turbo
  • Infinity G35
  • Infinity G37
  • Mazda 3i/s 2.0L / 2.3L
  • Mazda 3i/s 2.0L / 2.3L
  • Mazda 6s
  • Mazda Miata
  • Mazda Speed 3
  • Mazda Speed 6
  • Mazda Speed Prot̩g̩
  • Mitsubishi 3000GT
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution: Generation VIII, IX, X and more
  • Mitsubishi Eclipse
  • Mitsubishi Mirage
  • Nissan 350Z
  • Nissan 370Z
  • Nissan 200SX
  • Nissan 240SX
  • Nissan 300ZX
  • Nissan Sentra
  • Nissan Sentra Spec V
  • Pontiac GTO 5.7L
  • Pontiac Solstice 2.0T
  • Pontiac Solstice 2.4L
  • Porsche 996 / 997
  • Saab 900
  • Saturn Ion Redline
  • Saturn Sky Redline 2.0T
  • Saturn Sky Redline 2.4L
  • Seat Leon Cupra
  • Scion tC
  • Scion xB
  • Subaru Impreza
  • Subaru Impreza WRX
  • Subaru Legacy Outback
  • Toyota Celica
  • Toyota Corolla S
  • Toyota Corolla XRS
  • Toyota Yaris
  • Toyota MR2
  • Volvo S40
  • Volvo S60R
  • Volvo C70
  • Volvo S70
  • Volvo 850T
  • Volvo 855
  • Vauxhall Corsa
  • VW Beetle 1.8T
  • VW GTI Mk3 2.0L
  • VW GTI Mk3 VR6
  • VW GTI Mk4 1.8T
  • VW GTI Mk4 VR6
  • VW GTI Mk5 2.0T
  • VW GTI Mk6 2.0T
  • VW GTI Mk7
  • VW Golf Mk4 2.0L
  • VW Golf Mk4 2.8L V6
  • VW Golf Mk5
  • VW Golf Mk6 2.5L
  • VW Golf Mk7 1.8T
  • VW Jetta 1.8T
  • VW Jetta III VR6
  • VW Jetta Mk4
  • VW Jetta VR6
  • VW Jetta Mk5 2.5L
  • VW Passat Mk5
  • VW Passat V6
  • VW R32

What is the WOT Box?

The WOT Box is an electronic device that makes WOT shifting easy by reducing your engine's power for a very short timed period while you shift. It allows the synchros in your transmission to mesh easily, reducing the chance of missing a gear and damaging your transmission. If the input shaft on a manual transmission is not allowed to slow down enough it will lock you out of gear time after time. We have developed a solution to the problem by controlling the ignition at the shift point to ease the transition from one gear to another.

What is WOT Shifting?

WOT shifting is a common practice used by drag racers regardless of if they are running turbo, supercharger or naturally aspirated. WOT shifting is accomplished by holding the gas pedal to the floor and never "lifting" off the gas during the shift. The problem with doing so is when you depress the clutch engine RPMs flare up and a brief amount of time is required for the transmission input shaft to slow down. Even the most successful drivers have been known to miss a gear occasionally. It requires complete concentration and lightning quick reactions in order to pull it off.

"Keep the pedal to the metal, blip the clutch, and grab the next gear. Do it fast enough before the redline, and your reward will be a zero lag, constant boost shift."

When you WOT shift, your engine is still producing peak power through the shift. With the clutch released, the engine revs up. This increase in RPMs and the full output power of the engine makes it very difficult for the synchros in your transmission to engage. The result means that WOT shifting can be very difficult and potentially damaging to your transmission.

How does the WOT Box make WOT Shifting easy?

Our WOT Box momentarily disrupts the engine power long enough for you to make an effortless, fast WOT shift. The result?

  • Lower ETs - One of our big turbo customer cars dropped their E.T. in the quarter mile from 12.0 to 11.3 seconds just by adding the WOT Box!
  • Reduced chance of missing a gear
  • More consistent, effortless shifts
  • Reduced wear on the transmission
  • Reduced chance of major transmission damage

How does the WOT Box work?

The split second that you place your foot on the clutch pedal with the throttle all the way down, a signal is sent to the WOT Box that a shift has been initiated. When the module sees the signal from the clutch switch it will reduce engine power by cutting the ignition. The ignition control is a precise timed event that the user has complete control of. The box is capable of controlling ignition from 25 milliseconds to 700 milliseconds in 25 millisecond increments. With a range like that the wot box can even make Mr. Magoo look like a seasoned pro!

The drivers in our test cars describe using the WOT BOX as sitting in the car and going through the gearbox with the engine off!! All the drivers were amazed at how smooth the gearbox was. The transition from gear to gear is effortless and the boost gauge would barely show a blip between the shifts. We were able to test on an Evo8 with a laggy 60-1 turbo and managed to hold 30+ psi through every gear! Even on a stock turbo equipped Dodge SRT-4 we were able to knock 3 tenths off e.t. by simply hooking the box up. Our big turbo SRT-4 cars were able to drop up to 7 tenths off their E.T. with the WOT Box alone!

Will the WOT Box affect normal driving?

No. The WOT Box will only activate when you are WOT Shifting. Normal shifts will be ignored and continue to work just as you expect. You won't even know its there, until you make a WOT Shift!

Will I be able to program it or do I need an engineering degree?

Many after-market electronics are bulky and full of dip switches, buttons and dials that are enough to make the average DIY'er bang their head on the wall in frustration! The WOT Box is simple to program with only one button and one LED. Check out our User's Guide to see how it is done.

Will the WOT Box work on a car that has the X brand ignition?

Yes. It will work on any ignition setup that has a common positive lead for all of the ignition coils. See our installation instructions page for custom wiring diagrams for specific ignition setups. I

What is involved in hooking it up?

No new hardware is needed. The installation will only involve hooking up a few wires. Full instructions are available here.

Do I need a clutch switch?

No, you don't! Most recent cars have the clutch up switch already built in. If you have cruise control, you likely already have the switch you need.

How big is it?

AEM’s legendary Digital Wideband O2 AFR UEGO Gauge is a wideband UEGO air/fuel ratio controller (AFR) and gauge in one. It unites accuracy, speed and control with an easy to read, digital LED display and sweeping LED “needle” that changes colors as AFR changes from rich to lean.

NOTE: The 30-4100 Wideband UEGO Gauge Controller that uses the Bosch 4.2 LSU sensor will be superseded to the 30-4110 Wideband UEGO Gauge Controller that uses the Bosch 4.9 LSU sensor in August 2014. Instructions for the 30-4100 will still be available in the Instructions tab after this change.

AEM's Wideband UEGO (Universal Exhaust Gas Oxygen, pronounced “You-Way-Go”) Controllers are powerful, cost effective tuning tools that allow users to accurately monitor the Air/Fuel Ratio (AFR) of their engine.

Accurate AFR data is critical when tuning an engine. Running rich (very low air/fuel ratio, excessive fuel) can cause a loss in power, while running too lean (very high air/fuel ratio, not enough fuel) may result in serious engine damage. Using a wideband air/fuel controller during the tuning process allows you to monitor AFR and adjust tuning parameters to optimize them for maximum power and efficiency. AEM has a comprehensive line of highly accurate, reliable wideband air/fuel controllers that can help ensure your vehicle is optimally tuned.

Some of our competitors require that you frequently perform a free-air calibration procedure to calibrate their O2 sensors. This process involves removing the sensor from the bung while still connected to the controller device, then waving the sensor in the air so it can read atmospheric O2 levels. We use Bosch 4.9 LSU sensors in our wideband controllers. Our sensors are individually laboratory-calibrated by Bosch and never require free air calibration!

No. There is a laser-etched, calibrated resistor in the sensor’s connector body. This resistor is specifically created for the exact sensor that it is attached to. Modifying this will invalidate the sensor’s output.


PedalMAX • Eliminate Ecoboost Turbo Lag • Enhance low and mid horsepower • Works on all 2011 - 2016 Ford Vehicles • Plug and Play Installation

Works on all 2011 - 2016 Ford Vehicles

Eliminate Turbo Lag on Ecoboost & Diesel Vehicles (Improves vehicle acceleration).

Enhance low and mid-range horsepower and torque.

Increase throttle response & make your vehicle easier to drive.

Eliminate stalling when accelerating from a stop on manual vehicles.

Easy Plug & Play Installation • Installs in less than five minutes.

Optional Remote Adjustment Knob • Use to dial in your exact throttle enhancement setting.

Can also be stacked with a JMS Custom Tune File delivered to the ECU via a SCT handheld.

  • Simple Plug & Play Installation: Unplug your stock pedal connector and connect JMS PedalMAX.
  • Improves vehicle acceleration.
  • Increases low and mid-range horsepower and torque.
  • Works on all 2011 - 2016 Ford Vehicles
  • Gas or Diesel
  • Easy Plug & Play Installation
  • Eliminate Pedal Lag
  • Eliminate Turbo Lag on Diesel and Gas vehicles
  • Ecoboost Vehicles have noticable Turbo Lag, this product solves the problem.
  • Eliminate stalling when acceleration from a stop on manual vehicles.
  • 2013-2014 Shelby's are notorious for stalling out
  • PedalMAX solves the stalling problem
  • Green Status LED: Know at a glance what the unit is doing.
  • Solid Green = powered on
  • Optional Remote Throttle Control Knob: Fine tune your throttle enhancement setting.
  • Optional knob (BX-6999)
  • Designed to be stacked with an SCT Handheld and a JMS Custom Tune File for the ultimate performance

Each PedalMAX Kit Contains: PedalMAX Throttle Enhancer, Plug & Play Wiring Harness, Installation Kit, Set of Instructions

Installation Kit Contains: 1 - Red De-Sensitizing Plug, 4 - Zip Ties, 1 - Mini-Screwdriver
Download the Product Installation Instructions
Download the Product Technical Information Sheet
Download the JMS Product Catalog
  • PedalMAX for Ford version PX-5000-1114F supports the following vehicles:
  • 2009-2016 Ford F-150
  • 2011-2016 Ford F-250 Super Duty
  • 2011-2016 Ford F-350 Super Duty
  • 2011-2016 Ford F-450 Super Duty
  • 2011-2016 Ford F-550 Super Duty
  • 2011-2016 Ford Mustang
  • 2008-2016 Ford Focus
  • 2011-2016 Ford Fusion
  • 2010-2016 Ford Taurus
  • 2011-2016 Ford Edge
  • 2011-2016 Ford Escape
  • 2009-2016 Ford Flex
  • 2011-2016 Ford Explorer
  • 2011-2016 Ford Expedition
  • 2012-2016 Ford C-Max
  • 2012-2016 Ford B-Max
  • 2010-2016 Ford S-Max
  • 2011-2016 Ford Transit Connect
  • 2011-2016 Ford Transit 150
  • 2011-2016 Ford Transit 250
  • 2011-2016 Ford Transit 350
  • 2011-2016 Ford Transit 350 HD
  • 2014-2016 Police Interceptor Utility
  • 2013-2016 Police Interceptor Sedan
  • 2011-2016 Ford Ranger T6 (Export)
  • 2015-2016 Lincoln MKC
  • 2011-2016 Lincoln MKX
  • 2013-2016 Lincoln MKZ
  • 2011-2016 Lincoln MKS
  • 2011-2016 Lincoln MKT
  • 2011-2016 Lincoln Navigator
JMS Dry Nitrous Kit - Stage 1, Generic EFI
Suggested Retail Price: $1,149.00


All kits now include a free upgrade to the JMS Progressive N20 controller (PN: NOS-6021).

Specifically engineered for todays EFI engines (GM, Ford, Chrysler).

Simple to install and easy to use. Works on all vehicles!

Run two wires and one line from the kit into the engine compartment.

Fill the nitrous bottle, plug in the cigarette lighter plug and have fun!

The kit automatically senses when you are at Wide Open Throttle, and a built in window switch engages the system (Automatically activates the nitrous kit at WOT above 3000rpm and below 7000).

Kit includes:

Nitrous Bottle, Nitrous Solenoid, Nitrous Line, Carpeted Bottle Bracket Assembly, Nitrous Jets, JMS Progressive N20 Controller PN NOS-6021, Wiring Harness with quick disconnects, instructions

A custom programmed JMS X3 is available at an extra charge for most GM and Ford vehicles (1989-2012).


JMS Nitrous Kit + Stock 2011 Mustang GT Automatic = 11.11@124mph on 18" radials, Gain of 135rwhp.

Download the Product Technical Information Sheet
Download the NOS Controller Instructions
Download the NOS Controller Diagram

Installation Video:

Product Video:

Configuration Video: